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N – FFA1 Rands (Liveing) Margaret - FLV3 Redman (Mitchell) Mary Violet - FLV8 Redman William Wray Gordon - FLV8 Reed (Giles) Edith - FLV6 Robinson Martin - FLV1 Robinson (Ellithorne) Mary - FLV1 Rodgers (Fawssett) Angela Joan - A5 Rouse Richard - A4 Rowlandson Agnes (married name) – J1 Rowlandson Diana – J1 Rowlandson (Awdry) Mary Catherine – J1 Rowlandson Michael John – J1 Rowlandson Walter – J1 Royal Family – FFA1 Sams Annie – FFA4 Sams Bessie – FFA4 Sams Ellen – FFA4 Sams Harry – FFA4 Sams Kate H – FFA4 Sams W H – FFA4 Scott ? – FFA7 Scott E – FFA7 Selwyn Gardens Cambridge - FLV6 Seymour (Alston) Sarah Dutchess Somerset - A1 Seymour John Duke Somerset - A1 Seymour William Duke Somerset - A1 Sherborne School 1st XI 1861 – FFA6 Sherborne Town – FFA3 Shuttleworth (Hadwen) Edith Mary - FLV10 Shuttleworth Dr George Edward - FLV10 Shuttleworth Henry Lee Hadwen - FLV10 Shuttleworth (MacGillycuddy) Inez Ester Dorothea - FLV10 Siam Hall Newton Suffolk - A2 Simmers (Julius) Frances Eleanor – J8 Sinclair-Thomson (Elworthy) Alice Rachel - J2 Smith Aaron Home Coddenham - FLV2 Smith (Alston) Alice Winifred A8 Smith Charles Hugh - A8 Smith (Alston) Mary - A4 Smith R L  M.B. – FFA2 Smythies Rt Rev Charles Alan – FFA3 Smythies Isabella (see Travers & Alston) – FFA3 Smythies Palmer K – FFA3 Spot Champion British Blenheim – J7 St George Basseterre St Kitts – J1 St Leonards Shoreditch London – J1 St Margarets Convent East Grinstead - FLV7 St Marys Convent Chiswich London - FLV7 St Mary Southery Norfolk – J1 St Nicholas Studland – FFA2 St Peters Little Ellingham – FFA6 Stack (Alston) Elizabeth Annie - A8 Stemmata Alstoniana - A1 Stewart (Hansell) Ethel Gwendoline – J2, J4 Studholme (Wilson) Alice Rosemary – J6 Studholme Carlisle – J5 Sudell (Alston) Sarah - A4 The Americus Backers Piano - A4 The Arms of Thomas & Catherine Alston - A1 The Ascension by John Constable - A6 The Bar House Lake Nyassa - FLV8 The Cheyney House Isle of Sheppey Kent The Colchester Hospital Doctors 1902 - FLV13 The Cold Hall Bromley Essex - A7 The Cudgen Sugar Mill NSW - J8 The Czars Cup, Sword, Uniform, Medals E.H.Fenn - FLV8 The Deans Newton Suffolk - A2 The Dennington Rectory Suffolk - A7 The East Cliffe House Sandgate - A4 The Ellon Parsonage  – FFA7 The Grange Hill, Cave, New Zealand - FLV11 The Grey Frairs House Colchester Essex - FLV13 The Haileybury College Hertfordshire - FLV11 The High St Manningtree & Stour Brewery - A6 The Holme Station South Canterbury NZ - J5 The Home of Aaron Smith Coddenham - FLV2 The H.M.S. Dreadnought 1912 - FLV12 The H.M.S. Dreadnought 1912 Signals Staff -  FLV12 The H M S Minotaur – FFA7 The H.M.G.V. Gnat (Ship) – FFA3. FLV7. The Humane Society Medal 1796 - J1 The Illuminated Address Dewetsdorp Edward G Alston - A8 The John Julius Home in Cudgen NSW - J9 The Lamarsh Rectory - A7 The More-Fenn Flashing Model 1912 - FLV12 The Old Rectory Studland Dorset - A4 The Ottery Mine & Refinery NSW - J9 The Rectory Southery Norfolk – J1 The Rochers de Naye, Montreaux Switzerland - FLV11 The Royal Visit to Newfoundland c1920 - FLV12 The Royal Visit to New Zealand 1935 - FLV11 The Signals Football Team , Shotley 1911 - FLV12 The Southern Cross (Ship) – J5 The S.S. Gwendoline on Lake Nyassa - FLV8 The Tent Hill Smelter NSW - J8 The Timaru home of Harry & Margot Fenn - FLV11 The Toft Sharnbrooke Bedfordshire - A2 The Van Wyksvlei Dam Cape South Africa - A8 The Wardrobe Court Old Palace Richmond - FLV11 The White Star (Ship) – J8 Todd Charles John - FLV12. FLV13 Todd Grace R - FLV13 Torlesse (Robinson) Anna Maria - FLV1 Torlesse (Wakefield) Catherine Gurney - FLV1 Torlesse Charles Martin - FLV1 Torlesse John - FLV1 Travers Isabella – FFA3 Tweed Mr – FFA2 Tweed Mrs – FFA2 Valley Farm Coddenham Suffolk - FLV2 Vanderzee Ann – FFA2 Vanderzee George Yorke – FFA3, FLV1 Vanderzee Jacobus - FLV1 Vanderzee Mr – FFA3, FLV1 Vanderzee (Mead) Philadelphia - FLV1 Victoria Regina & Royal Family – FFA1 Victoria Rd 32 Kensington London - FLV4 Wakefield A? – FFA1 Wakefield Felix – FFA4, FLV2 Wakefield Josephine – FFA4, FLV2 Wakefield Priscilla – FFA4 Wakefield (Bell) Priscilla – FLV1 Walker Lucy – FFA1 Ward (Julius) Thora May – J10 Waters (Julius) Joan Margaret - J10 Whitmore Anne - FLV1 Whitmore Rev John - FLV1 Whitmore Sarah - FLV1 Wilson Alexander – J10 Wilson (Julius) Alice Ethel – J2, J5 Wilson (Elworthy) Alice Diana - FLV11 Wilson H F - A8 Wilson John Cecil Julius – J6 Wilson Rt. Rev. Cecil – J2, J5 Witherby (Wakefield) Constance - FFA5. FLV2 Witherby Margaret – FFA5 Witherby Mary - FLV2 Woolley Thomas - FLV1 Worts Dr E. - FLV13                         Abbreviations. 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