A History of this Family History.   Contributors All. Home Page    Stemmata Alstoniana, 1898, is the definitive work on Alston Pedigrees in England.    Lionel Cresswell applied his legal training to produce a soundly researched and    connected genealogy little changed to today. He was scrupulous in his search for the    facts and critical of those who elevated conjecture to fact. Archive CD Books 0987.    Dr Edward Liveing Fenn, inherited Alston Court Nayland Suffolk, from his uncle Samuel    Alston. The old house was in poor condition. Edward carried out a complete restoration    of the Grade I house. In the attics were the records from 150 years of Alston legal    practice. Edward conserved these and then lodged them at the Bury Archive Ref: HA 541. Florence Stevens, nee Julius, collected Julius family records and researched St Kitts records. She wrote a booklet on her findings: Genealogy - The West Indies. She contributed regularly, as did many family members, to the booklet Julius Jottings published 1900-1902.  Sir George Julius of Sydney Australia, on his retirement continued the research started by Florence Stevens. This culminated in a definitive Julius Tree with notes, published in 1934. It was beautifully drawn by Sir George with numerous sub-trees. Awdry Julius, son of Sir George, continued in the post war years to add to the Julius Tree particularly recording the extensive Julius family in Australia. He was helped with this by his daughter Jenifer below. Dr Charles Fenn inherited Alston Court from his father, he took an active interest in family matters. He continued his fathers research in the quest for more data on Fenn, Alston, Julius, Liveing, Giles, Vanderzee, Torlesse and other families. Col. A. Alston Fenn retired from Army life, and purchased Alston Court from Charlie Fenn. Here he continued to gather data and conserve family treasures left in the house for the future. Alston was particularly interested in the Fenn and Alston families. Mary Burn nee Fawssett, was an ardent collector and conserver of family pictures and memorabilia. She owned the very old Four Poster bed from Alston Court and Nancy Fenn, loaned her the Alston Pastels to hang: now at Christchurch Mansion Ipswich. Edward Christopher Alston (Chris) was a doyen of the family in Norfolk where his family had been since the 19thC. Chris served for 52 years on his local Council and was a wealth of knowledge on the mid 20thC. A published author, he left a fascinating memoir. J Alison Redman nee Fenn inherited her interest in the family and much about it from her father Alston Fenn. She carefully preserved much 19thC family correspondence, now in this record.   Capt. Robert H.T. Liveing inherited from his uncle Prof. Edward H.T. Liveing a substantial archive of pictures, letters, and family treasures which he conserved and documented. The Liveing family have a long history in East Anglia, and many distinguished members  E. Nancy A Hadwen nee Fenn, inherited many family letters, documents and treasures from her father Charlie. She was also active in communicating with various family groups, researching and recording. She was particularly interested in the Julius family and visited St Kitts in the 1980’s.  Rosemary Mourilyan Julius, was the last of the Arthur Onslow Julius line. Rosemary was for some years guardian of many Julius treasures, and a font of information on the family. The Kings candlesticks are used as the signature theme of this site, in memory of her. Alice Diana (Di) Wilson nee Elworthy, a wonderful exuberant women, who could laugh easily at life’s nonsense and who brought the members of her family alive with her stories. Particularly her grandfather, Archbishop Churchill Julius. Jenifer Shellshear nee Julius has a long involvement with Julius research, assisting her grandfather Sir George & father Awdry. She collected a large archive of data and memorabilia particularly about Sir George and the Australian branches of the family. Valmai Hancock nee Julius became interested in her family history, working with Jenifer Shellshear, she digitalised the accumulated data producing the first modern production of the history. Valmai also contributed new data from her own research Susan Perrett nee Alston worked on the Alston Family history for more than 30yrs. She researched her Royal Descent from Edward III via her 2 x Gt Grandmother Anne Charlotte Oxenden & her Australian Convict descent from her 3 x Gt Grandfather Richard Fitzgerald who made good in Sydney. She was a specialist on the Bedfordshire Alstons. The following living persons, to whom I owe great thanks, have all contributed to this Tree.   Abrahamson J.P. Adamson R. Aitken J. Alefounder P. Alexander S. Allen-Johns C. Allingham K. Allison K. Alliston M. Alston A.E.                Alston L. Alston L-A. Alston M.A. Alston M. Alston R.P. Anderson P. Arnold L. Atkinson V.T. Atkins J. Atterton G. Baggott J. P. Bainbridge A. F. Baldwin E. Barker R.F. Barker S. Barnes W. Becker D.B. Becker S. Berry L.S. Birch J. Borrowsscale J. Brautigam J. & Y. Bray S. Brennan F.B. Bridge A. Bromley J. Brown A. Brown E. Browning C. Bucknell P. J. Bullivant J M OAM Burgess K. Bunn J. Burn M.R. Buxton C.H. Cairns A. Carr R. Carter J. Chapman W. Chevallier C. Christensen J. Clark G. Cluer L. Cole-Catley C. Collins P. Conlon B. Cooney E. Cooper A. Cooper E.S. Coren J. Cotes D.E. Couvee L. Cunningham R. Daetz N.M. Dale P.G.M. Daniel P. Danielli B. Danvers A.P. Dare G.M. Davis K.M. Davies M. de Linois A. de Loriol P. Dives G.L. Dives M. Dolan S. Donaldson J.R. Donne J. Dourneau S. Dow D. D’Orsay A. Drescher R.J. Duckers P. Du Feu L. Dyde H.V. Dyke D.E. Dyke J.A. Edwards N. Elworthy A.D. Elworthy D Elkin A. English S. Etherton J. Eves P.J. Falvey J. Fell J. Fenn A.M. Fenn C. Fenn E.V. Fenn E.L. Fenn H.L. Fenn J. Fenn M.R. Fenn P.T. Fenn R.E. Fenn R.P. File C.P.M. Fisher L. Flower R.F. Foley K.J. Fox J. Franks W. Frood M.W. Fysh A. Garbett J. Gaskell P. Gates P. L. Geils A. George M. Gibb J.L. Giles G.J. Giles M.St. Giles N.P. Glauert J. Golding C Goss V. Green J. Grundy S. Hall A.J. Hallett E.C. Halliday D.J. Hansen E. Harding-Payne S. Harman R. Harris J.M. Hartcup J. Harvey J. Hearn J. Heath P. Henderson J.E. Hendrie S. Henry R. Herasimenko J.L. Hill J.R. Hill S. Hill W.H. Hilles M. Hoehler C. Holme J.M. Holton G. Hopkins C.A. Hopkins A.C. Hopkins J.E.L. Hunter T. Hutchins G. Hutchinson T. Huws A.M. Ihori C. Ives D. Jackson A.O. Jaeger C.K.S. Jeffaires Dr J. Jenkins B. Johnson A. Jones N.L. Jones P. Jones T. Jowitt M. Joyner S. Julius G.A. Julius S.A. Julius S. Karagosian B. Keeley G. Kelly J. Kennedy D. Kenny D. King F.D. Kitto K.J. Knight C. Lake R. Langton G. Lapidge S. Lassence de L. A. Lay M. Leask D. Liveing A.R.T. Liveing E. Liveing E.H.T. Liveing H. Liveing H.G.D Liveing M.S. Liveing W.R.F. Long R. Low A. Lowrey G.E. Lynn M. Makin B. Maldoom V. Maling P.B. Marston G.R. & M.H. Martin A.A. Martin G.S. Massil S. May D. Mayne J. Mazoyer P. McAdam G.C. McArdle L. McClain L. McCollum L. McGrath B.G. McGrath G.B. Macintosh H.M. MacKenzie J.M. McClintock S.A.J. McKillop K. McLachlan A. McLennan C. Macpherson C. Menhinnitt A. Milewicz-Tyson E. Moersch G. Moffett J. Mollison D. Money K. A. Morrow N. Moulson C.D. Myles S. Nash V.C. Nicholls F & J Nichols R. Norton W. Nugee J.F. O’Brien C.F. Oddie-Brown S. Oldland L. Oliver S.J. Olwyn O’Mahony A.D. O’Toole J.A. Pendlebury F. Peters C. The Longcrofts by Phillips-Evans J. Philpott A. Pickford G. Porrett P.L. Potter S. Pratt T. Prichard C.A. Quinlan J. Rands F. & L. Rasmusson G. Redman J. Reeson R. Reid B. Renshaw B.S. Ringer S. Roach B. Robins M. Robinson M.de. Robinson T. Rogers T.F. My apologies to anyone I have missed from this list - please let me know. Edward L Fenn. Home Page Romy Rooney O. Rose A. Ryder K. Saathoff T. Sale C. Saunders A. Schuyler G. Scott E.A. Scully P. Seagrove J. Self E. Sharples B.K. Shaw U. Shuttleworth A. Sinclair-Thomson O. Skinner A.V. Smith B. Smith D.S. Smith R. Smith S. Spackman L. Spraggs G. Squires T. Squirrell K. Stedall R. Stephenson G. & J. Stevens M.H.R. Steward P.R. Stewart C.A. Stewart R.A.C. Stewart R. Struthers L. Stubbs C. Sutton S. Sylvester-Bradley R. Taylor R.J. Taylor S. & J. Tearne S. Terbrack M. The Silver Bowl. Thomson D. Thompson R.M.K. Thorn J. Thornton A.L. Thurlow P. Thurman I.J. Tubb P. Turner P. Turreff A. Tusler S. Valiukas R. van der Zee A.M. Vaughan M. Waight R. Waites C. Wallace R. Watson V. Wearing M Weiss M. Wells P. Wheeler A. Wheeler N. Wheeler S. White A. & C. Wilder S. Wilder S.L. Willcock R. Wilson A.D. Wilson A.M. Wilson B. Wilson E.M. Wilson J. Wilson L. Wilson N.B. Wilson S. Winley R.I. Woodbridge L. Woodbridge-Smith R Wyatt J.S. Yenney S. Young D. Zam D.