www.greyfriarscolchester.org.uk/category/news I draw your attention to to an interesting website on the history of the totalisator invented by Sir George Julius This can be found on Brian Colons web sitesite World War I has dominated research for the last year and I put together ’The Life and Death of Edward Gerald Palmer Fenn”. It traces his short life of 24 years up to his death on the first day, of his first action, against the enemy, the Turk. by snipers bullet on the 19th Sept 1918. What surprised me was the amount of time the Army spent processing those that died in action see it in under the “Books” tab on the “Home Page” or on the blue button In 1919 the eminent physican Dr Edward Liveing died after a distinguished career. He had become Registrar of the Royal College of Physicians in 1889. His brother Robert       was a noted dermatologist before the word was created, and brother        George Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge.  See Edwards love letters on        Of interest perhaps is the catalogue for the sale of his home at 52 Queen Anne St Cavendish Square London   Early 2015 Rowledge (Surrey) a Parish History: based on Florence Parker’s diary  by Roy Waight, a most interesting read, contact me for it. Smethurst’s Luck by Peter Maggs, the Richmond poisoner look in your bookshop and here under “Notable British Trails” Assington Parochial Library endowed by Rev Thomas Alston 1690. Added to the “Books” section is an inventory compliled by the Rev Thomas Alston  1609 - 1690 Vicar of Assington Suffolk of his library. It is a scholarly and valuable collection of 280 titles in the ownership of a 17th C. country vicar, who was also an academic. One might wonder about his sermon’s to the population of his small village. He left the collection to succeeding Vicars of Assington. The inventory below, is held by the Suffolk Records Office, Bury, FL521/11/2 and the remnant of 191 volumes are now held by the Suffolk Records Office, Ipswich. Readers attention is drawn to the interesting collection of Alston headstones, ledger stones and memorials. October 2014. Some of you may have noticed a disruption of this website as my webhost moved to a new more secure “platform” where hopefully updating will be easier. May 2015 - no such luck, 6 months of problems Working with the site, as this was happening, I was reminded of the lack of navigation devices in the Legacy generated section of the Tree and the importantance of using Ctrl/Home to reach the top of a page and Ctrl/End the bottom. Especially useful for some of the very long pages in the Julius & Alston Descendant Trees and the Fenn Ancestor Tree. As time allows I am pressing on to put up more images and documents under a persons “OTHER RECORDS” in panorama format - dble click on them to view. Edward Fenn. August 2014. TheKingsCandlesticks continues to interest with hits on the site averaging over 100,000 a month for 2014 a staggering number. Images for individuals are being progressively linked in panorama format under the heading OTHER RECORDS which follows after a person’s notes, clicking once then again on these images enlarges them dramatically. Clicking in the bottom left of Book PDF images enables a Toolbar to enlarge/reduce/fit the image etc. Contact me should you want a single image from a panorama. New under the “Books” button Moore’s Royal Prophetic Almanack. In the mass of memorabilia here, I came across this rather interesting 1840 publication of late Georgian superstitious prophesy, a variation of the Horoscope. However it also contains other information that a gentleman of the time might consider he be informed on, such as, that Robin Hood died - Fri 17th Jan 1274. We understand it was the property of Dr Frederick G Julius See “The Spirit of the Public Journals for 1813” page 250. books.google.co.nz/books?id=AXY9AAAAYAAJ Extracts from the Alston Law Practice Diary Nayland SFK  1777-1794 These show some of the day to day activity of a Village Law Practice including commercial matters such as Edward Gusterson receiving loads of muck on the 27th July 1778 and a bond being executed for L230 @ 5 p.c. on the 31st. (Scroll down) Notes on Alston Court Nayland SFK by Dr Charles Fenn Charlie inherited Alston Court and lived there between the Wars with his family until his wife refused to spend another winter there! These are his notes on the village, house, and particularly the stained glass. See the magnificent presentation by Savills of Ipswich Suffolk http://search.savills.com/property-detail/gbiprsips130016 Court Knoll Nayland Suffolk Thought to be an ancient fortified Manorial site this earthworks is at the bottom of the garden of Alston Court, adjacent to the river Stour. This is an interesting article on an archaeological excavation. Sir and Sen a biography of Dick & Dossie Fenn who founded Oakwood School West Sussex in 1912 see http://www.oakwoodschool.co.uk/ One of the most satisfying responses this year has been the increasing number of readers asking for permission (always granted with pleasure) to use images and data of family who served in WWI. These are being used in commemorative activities for the Centenary of this dreadful event in modern history. Families. Below just a few of those who have contributed, thank you to all who have, and apologies where I have missed an acknowlegement. Alston. Alston Court Nayland SFK is one of the most significant homes owned by the family. 200+ yrs ago my Grandfather, Dr Edward Fenn completed a major restoration of the house his mother was raised in. News that would greatly please him is that the old house has a new owner who is working with an Architectural Historian to maintain and further research the fabric. A book on timber framed houses in Nayland is planned. Alston Court is a Grade I example. The search is quickening for the correct ancestors of Col John Alston of co Chowan Nth Carolina with Forrest King, Larry McClain Hugh Wayne & Andrew Martin on the case, with Mary Terbrack. Lovely Alston images from Audrey Hall. More good work has been done on adding to the families of Evans/Fitzgerald/Long,Thurlow/Toller, Sewell, Beek/Beke and Alston of course. Julius. John Oliver has made a very important find concerning John Julius of St Kitts the progenitor, a death in New York USA in 1671. Jane Quinlan has sent some wonderful images of members of the interesting Money family, Ann McLachlan has discovered more on Rupert Luedecke. Dermot Elworthy adds to his family’s record. John Oliver & Helem Macintosh have contributed greatly the Northern Australian Julius line. Alan D’Orsay more on the Maertens family. of Hawaii. Olwyn on the NZ family. Fenn. It’s been mixed fortunes for the Fenn’s of Suffolk, a great positive was Mike Fenn’s completion of his Family History, a great piece of work. But ongoing research has confounded a view taken on the Ancestors of Simon Fenn/Fynn of Offton SFK, 1724, leaving a great many unanswered questions, including who are the Fenn’s of Kenton Wayne Franks and family added greatly to the Ayres line. Lorraine Wilson has tracked down the dubious Dr William Drake to California. Of particular interest to my family is the transcription of my parents 1938/39 diaries recording their meeting on a trip from NZ to England and eventually courting - they had a 30 year age gap, it is somewhat lucky I am here. Neither I nor Legacy, have yet solved the problem of various letters numbers & symbols failing to upload to the website, a ? is substituted. Please mail me if this is a problem, or if you wish to know the source of data on this website. This I do not publish to protect privacy and inhibit plagiarism edward@thekingscandlesticks.com November 2013. A glimpse of what has been happening recently. Additions to the site include my copy of Stemmata Alstoniana which was bought from Lionel Cresswell by my grandfather and namesake Edward Fenn. New button for interesting books/booklets etc.: The rare book Bygone Days by Fanny Torlesse about life in Stoke-by Nayland Suffolk, and the Torlesse, Wakefield, Liveing, Holland and other families. Also two school boy (aged 11/13) diaries of Lancelot Giles 1889 & 1891. A fascinating peep into the world of an intelligent boy of those days at school in Liege - Courtesy of Catherine Stewart. The Latin phrase book belonging to Sam Alston 1739 and more. Also my wonderful Fenn cousin Angela is moving and has sent me two miniatures of Sam Alston of Nayland and Mary Vanderzee his wife our 3 x Gt Grandparents painted by Roth in 1773. These are up on the Recent Accessions button. For Fenn family Mike Fenn has released part one of his excellent Family History, contact me if you cannot access it. More research from Alan D’Orsay into the descendants of the Deverall brothers, who travelled to Hawaii to present a gift from Queen Victoria and stayed, it is fascinating. Judith Carter has done some excellent research into the Hearn and Jackson families of Harwich & Ipswich. The Jackson family were publishers of the Ipswich Journal in the 18thC. Working with Mary Terbrack we have had a great tidy up of the Bedfordshire Alstons with some surprises, namely eliminating the John Alston of Pavenham as the ancestor of John Alston of Chowan Nth Carolina. More pictures have surfaced of Lewis Hopkins thank you Barbara and Buddy Hopkins. As well as working with many of you on your respective branches of the family I have been making progress on transcribing and scanning the many family letters in my possession. Increasingly I am getting enquiry on family details, which I am pleased to pass on to the family member whose research it is. Home Page Home Page NOTICE BOARD - THEKINGSCANDLESTICKS. Continued: Court Knoll Nayland will not open properly on Google Chrome, please ignore a present problem of indiscriminate underlining - Gurrr. To improve navigation I am progressively marking up the website with an blue information mark dot which links to the relevent file, or to data on the internet, for more information. REMINDER - when looking at pictures in the 4 Family Tree’s, enlarge them with a click, then click again for maximum effect, in most cases. BUT - some images will only open fully in the “Family Pedigrees” Tree. Unfortunately I have been recently mired in webhost and software problems this has delayed getting new data up. There have been more errors than usual, if you find an error of any sort please let me know. I have just cross referenced the mailing list and the “Contributors” list where I found some of you missing - my apologies and again thanks for the magnificent support. Work has again started on the very interesting Liveing Archive. Grey Friars Colchester’s Forgotten Corner Below I have mentioned an excellent history of this old house with wonderful details of its life at the center of religious and educational institutions as well as a family home. Newly launched is a Facebook page with more information which if you find of interest please reward it with a “like” and “share” with others. Links: www.facebook.com/greyfriarscolchester Grey Friars Colchester’s Forgotten Corner           (Sometimes slow) An excellent new book by Joan Gurney & Alan Skinner traces this historic corner of Colchester ESS from the 1st C to the 20th C. Sprinkled with interesting pictures it is a wealth of information.  Dr Edward L Fenn owned the property for some 12 years at the turn of last century, his occupation is described in chapter 5. A new lease on life sees the house enter the 21st C beautifully renovated as a luxury hotel after a century as an educational institution. Late 2015.