Information Page.                                                                                  To Help Understand The Website and Its Process.                                                                                                       STOP PRESS - if some of this site is scrambled you may be on Chrome ? To maximise a picture click on it and click again, L & R arrows to move. Click on this icon to take you to the pages being described. eg Alston The Navigation Bars: Family Pedigrees: This connects the entire family (apart from       unplaced persons) in the database. Search the index for a name to       make a start         then spouses and children are in the box bottom       right, a + sign shows they have issue and continue the line.       Red up arrows indicate earlier generations.       Click on the names in the boxes to move about Julius Family: This is a descendant tree from John Julius the       unproven progenitor, each generation is contained on one page linked       to the next page (generation) by their issue. Fenn Family: This tree records the ancestors of Harry Fenn the       writers father, in a direct line - parents, grandparents, Gt       Grandparents etc, a generation per page.       NOTE the modern spelling of the surname Fenn has been adopted       to assist matcning, variations have been noted under AKA Alston Family: Again a descendant tree from John Alston the proven       progenitor, each generation linked as above. This is a big family and       some of the generation pages very long. Use Ctrl-Home to reach       Back-Forward arrows, or Ctrl-End to find a Home Page button. Contributors: A long list of persons who have contributed to this       family history over more than 100 yrs. More are added monthly, do       you have information your would like to add to this record ? contact       me on General: Matters of note over the life of the website since it        was established 13 August 2011. Books: Here are some important books amd items of memorabilia       in pdf format (some big ones may be slower to download).       Including:       - Stemmata Alstoniana by Lionel Cresswell the definitive work on the         Alston family for 100yrs, now superseded by this website.       - Bygone Days by Frances Torlesse, mentioning 100’s of her family in         Suffolk and around the world, particularly NZ & Australia Audio: A small folder of Audio messages particularly between       Harold Fenn’s family in NZ and Nancy Hadwen in London.       If you have audio ofa family member and would like to publish it       pease get in touch with me at Pictures: Over a 1000 of the more important pictures of the family              indexed       including the Fenn family album dating from       the 1860’s, which was lost for 40yrs then found again Maps & Tombstones of interest in the website However the policy for pictures, letters, documents, memorials etc is to add them directly to a person’s file under Other Records in the Notes section. Where a transcription has been done that is included, see Harriet Harold’s letters double click on the image to enlarge  To increase font size see Tools - Zoom top RH of your screen.                                                                                     New data is flowing in daily, some may be erroneous, if so please advise me.                                                                                                                              Please recognise the provenance of this data particularly the images.                                                                                                                             Thank you again to all those who have responded and contributed.                                                                                                                                               Details on persons & places may be found under the i button                                                                                                                                    Note: Pounds Sterling are indicated by the ancient symbol L. Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-End, help navigation.                                                                 Can You Help ?                                                                  Do you recognise any of these 19th C persons                             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 They may be from the Alston or related family Home Page Home Page