Recent Accessions 2015 Recently, two important paintings of family members have emerged. The first is of George Charles Julius 1775 - 1866 by the courtesy of Professor John Glauert his 4 x Gt Grandson. This is a fine work in oils of George in middle age and is quite the best image existing of him.  Below is the silver medal George was awarded by the Royal Humane Society in 1796. The inscription in Latin approximately reads - Dr Julius reviver of life. For this story and others in his interesting life click on  The engraved face has been mounted in a watch glass to protect it, as was done then. The second painting is of Sir Joseph Alston Bart. 1604 - 1688 of Chelsea and Bradwell Abbey. This image is displayed courtesy of Dr Angela Sills of Alston Court who is acquiring Alston images from the past to display in the old house. The first modern provenance of this work is recorded by Cresswell in Alstoniana, a rather poor reproduction of it is displayed in the Alston pictures at the start of the book. At that time it was in the possession of Mr William Alston Head, of East Grinstead the 6 x Gt Grandson of Sir Joseph. Sir Joseph appears to have had a deep and devout faith in his beliefs, he made a copy of the holy scriptures in a shorthand in the handsomely bound book below. Cresswell records in Alstoniana that in 1898 it was in the possesion of Sir Joseph’s 5 x Gt Grandson Augustus J C Hare. Bible image courtesy Bloomsbury Auctions For more on the life of Sir Joseph and his family click on Home Page Home Page